With work, Emmanuel Macron tries to turn pensions page

The head of state, who went to the Rungis market on Tuesday at dawn, to speak “to the French who work early”, tries to approach new projects, without waiting for the end of the debate on the Pension reform in Parliament.

by Ivanne Trippenbach

A vermilion red carnumi rooster raised his dark collar. Pin pinned to the jacket, Emmanuel Macron celebrated the ten years of the “French Tech” label, Monday, February 20, in front of an audience of investors and business leaders, in the village hall of the Elysée. “I assume thoroughly” the metaphor of the “first rope”, launched the former business banker, brave, by reconnecting with his accents praising success and innovation. Three days after the twelve strokes of midnight which sounded the end of storm debates in the National Assembly, the Head of State was still held at a distance from the pension reform, which continues its way to the Parliament and threatens to freeze the country. “The rest of the nation’s economic and social life does not stop,” says Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister responsible for the Digital Transition.

The government, however, anxiously awaits the “blockage” announced by all unions on March 7, with possible renewable strikes. The parliamentary break, before the arrival of the text in the Senate on March 2, offers a close window to the executive power to tackle other subjects. In the hope, blows a relative of the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, to “trivialize the pension reform”.

Also the President of the Republic, who was officially behind the file by devoting himself to international policy – in Munich, February 17, for a security conference in Central Africa next week -, reappears- He on the national scene, this time to talk about work.

calls to initiate new sites as quickly as possible

Emmanuel Macron went to the Rungis market (Val-de-Marne) on Tuesday at dawn, where he wanted to speak “to the French who worked early”, it was insisted the day before at the Elysée. During this morning visit, the president assured to rely “in the common sense of the French” and maintained that it is necessary to “work a little longer”. Renouring with his campaign speech, he presented the decline in the age of departure at 64 as a lever to finance the transitions. “This reform makes it possible to create more wealth for the country” and “to finance school, health,” he pleaded with butchers, in meat pavilions.

Without going so far as to take back the criticism of “laziness” used by the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, nor that of “idleness” taken up by his Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, Emmanuel Macron has multiplied the Adraws to “France which rises early”, slogan of Nicolas Sarkozy addressed to the middle and popular classes in 2007. He hammered that “it is through the work that we build the strength of a nation” and that “there is no social model that holds if we do not create more wealth”. The head of state should also stroll through the agricultural show on Saturday after having shorted his visit last year in the wake of the start of the war in Ukraine.

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