Warsaw, Joe Biden appears as defender of free world in speech with accents of Cold War

“Our support for Ukraine will not weaken, NATO will not be divided, and we will not get tired,” assured the American president on Tuesday in the Polish capital, before attacking Vladimir Putin, “Dictator determined to rebuild an Empire”.

by Piotr Smolar (Warsaw, Special Envoy)

After the image, the sound. After the physical audacity, the words to recall the framework. The day after a surprise trip to Kiev, Joe Biden held a solemn speech in the gardens of the Royal Palace in Warsaw, Tuesday, February 21, to commemorate the first anniversary of the start of the war in Ukraine. A warm speech with regard to the host country, Poland, empathetic for the Ukrainian people tortured but resistant, and resolved against the Russian invasion. In the cold and the wind, against the backdrop of Ukrainian colors, Joe Biden has revisited the now -run argument of Washington on the strategic errors of Vladimir Putin and the determination of the allies. But these familiar words, pronounced on this special evening in front of thousands of enthusiastic Poles, inflated with an additional soul.

“After a year of this war, Putin no longer doubts the strength of our coalition, said Joe Biden. But he still doubts our conviction. He doubts that our endurance. He doubts our continuous support for the Ukraine. He doubts NATO’s ability to remain united. But there should be no doubt. Our support for Ukraine will not weaken, NATO will not be divided, and we will not get tired. ” The American president clearly targeted Vladimir Putin, who had spoke in the morning. “A dictator determined to rebuild an empire will never be able to suppress the love of a people for freedom. Brutality will never crush the will to be free. And Ukraine … Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia. never, “promised Joe Biden.

“It is not a rhetorical competition with anyone,” warned the national security advisor Jake Sullivan, in reference to the speech of Vladimir Putin. The mirror effect was nonetheless striking. The American president has resumed a classic, pre-Trumpian vein, of American foreign policy speeches, insisting on the word freedom. “We have heard a rhetoric recalling that of Ronald Reagan, quite in black and white, with accents of Cold War,” explains Michal Baranowski, president of the Polish office of the German organization Marshall Fund.

conquered audience

Insisting on the fight against autocratic regimes, the American president knew himself before a conquered hearing. “Autocrats understand only one word. No, no, no. No, you won’t take my country,” he said. Joe Biden paid tribute to both Volodymyr Zelensky, Maia Sandu, Moldavian president, as well as to Belarusian opposition to the regime of Alexandre Loukachenko. “Biden has put its credibility at stake in this Ukrainian war, continues Michal Baranowski. The fact of going to Kiev alongside Zelensky, to have hammered that the conflict had a much more than regional issue, indicates that defeat of Ukraine would also be his, and that of the United States. There is no possible perspective. Joe Biden is invested in this war to the neck. “

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