“The war in Ukraine obliges left to decide if it continues or if it deny anti -fascist fight which

On February 24, 2022, kyiv was to fall into forty-eight hours. A year later, the Ukrainian flag floats on Kherson. For the past year, Ukrainians have given us an extraordinary lesson in courage. The story is written in the bakhmout trenches and the streets of Kherson, the cellars of Kharkiv and the shelters of kyiv.

Ukraine is today the beating heart of Europe; It embodies the freedom of peoples in the face of an imperialist assault; She defends democracy, not only for herself but for all of us, for the whole European continent. This is why we must support it with all our strength and amplify European aid.

Those who are waving the fear of “escalation”, while it is only a question of repelling an attack, do not see that everything decline in front of Putin would only make our continent in a spiral of insecurity and violence. Putin did not hide anything from his ideas and his project: he is at war with European democracy, in which he sees only decadence, and against which he wants to assert, in defiance of all rights, the power of an empire Russian.

The imperialist dynamics have started since 1999 by the Putin regime, based on mafia and oligarchic capitalism, will only be arrested if Russia loses in Ukraine. While war is again raging at our borders, while the security of the whole of Europe is at stake, cowardice and guilty ambiguities are not allowed.

The question is simple: should we give the Ukrainians the means to defend themselves or reward the Russian aggressor by letting him destroy international law and commit with impunity his crimes against humanity? Those who call to stop delivering weapons to Ukraine are not “pacifists”: they do not want peace, but consent to defeat.

They authorize the sacrifice of the Ukrainians by delivering them to their attackers. They hope to have peace by giving in to those who trigger wars. It is an old illusion that has cost us many times dear through history. The victory of fascism is not “peace”, but the preparation of other wars.

This war decides on the security of the European continent

The pseudo “pacifism” on the one hand of the French and European political class – including on the left – which refuses the deliveries of arms to Ukraine amounts to consenting to the oppression and the annihilation of ‘A people whose only crime is to have wanted to live free. Not only are European countries right to provide weapons to Ukraine, but they must intensify their effort.

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