For reception of Ukrainians, French State spent 634 million euros in 2022

A report by the Court of Auditors highlights a strong responsiveness of the public authorities and high costs.

by Julia Pascual

About 634 million euros. This is the sum that the State would have spent in 2022 to organize the reception of some 100,000 Ukrainians in France, according to the Court of Auditors, which made public an audit on the subject, Tuesday, February 28. On this sum, more than 253 million euros would have been devoted to accommodation and more than 218 million euros in the payment of a subsistence allowance.

Despite these costs, the Court of Auditors delivers a satisfactory relationship with the public authorities who have favored, favoring flexible and decentralized management of the consequences of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine on February 24, 2022, based on the creation on March 9, 2022 of an interministerial Ukraine crisis (CIC Ukraine) crisis cell or the use of departmental prefects to manage the arrival flows of the displaced from Ukraine and the animation of local reference players.

The Court notes in particular the effort made in order to set up reception places: “more than 80 sites were thus opened between March and August 2022”, which concentrated both “the social diagnosis And health, the issue of residence permits, the formalities for obtaining rights, the first accommodation and the first aids, as well as the orientation towards accommodation or medium -term housing “.

In the interior of these “hubs”, temporary protection was thus issued to Ukrainian refugees, so that they immediately benefited from a set of rights (provisional residence permit, access to social rights and Care, schooling of minor children, authorization to exercise a professional activity, social support, etc.) and in particular the payment of an asylum seeker allowance “under exceptionally favorable conditions”, underlines the court. This allowance, which represents 6.80 euros per day for a person, was automatically increased by 7.40 euros for Ukrainians (until October 2022) while this case is only planned for applicants asylum not being hosted free of charge by the State. 2>

hosted immediately

In this case, the Ukrainians could be accommodated immediately. According to the Court of Auditors, “more than 87,000 places [were created], of which nearly 60,000 remained active at the end of 2022”. Among them, collective accommodation funded directly by the State has represented a third of the responses “at a unit cost representing almost double that of the devices offered to conventional asylum seekers, due to the urgency of setting up ‘shelter and uncertainty weighing on the duration of the conflict “.

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