Microsoft and Openai are building supercomputer for $ 100 billion

Microsoft is developing plans to create a supercomputer worth $ 100 billion, which received the conditional name “Stargate”. This project is designed to ensure the work of the next generation of artificial intelligence systems from Openai.

It is believed that “Stargate” will become Fifth and the final stage of the joint plan of Microsoft and Openai for the construction of several supercomputers in the United States. According to rumors, this computer will become one of the largest and most advanced data centers in the world. Its placement will require several hundred acres of the Earth and up to 5 gigavatts of energy. It is designed to play a key role in the training and functioning of new, more advanced artificial intelligence models that surpass ChatgPT-4. The launch of “Stargate” may take place by 2028.

The name “Stargate” comes from the 1994 science fiction film about the interstellar teleportation device found in Egypt. This portal leads to a distant planet, where Kurt Russell and James Spader should free enslaved people from a powerful false bog.

The creation of “Stargate” largely depends on whether Openai can present its next major renewal of artificial intelligence, which, as reported, will be GPT-5 and is expected in early 2025. Microsoft hopes to see that Openai continues to develop AI models that will continue to conquer the world. It is reported that Openai could not release a new project under the name “Arrakis” in 2023, which may indicate a slowdown in the company’s innovation, largely due to restrictions on current supercomputers.

“Stargate” can explain why there were rumors that Sam Altman was creating a very expensive factory for the production of chips for AI. The main limiting factor for creating a supercomputer of this scale will be to ensure a sufficient number of NVIDIA graphic processors necessary for its operation. NVIDIA chips were in short supply throughout the paper intelligence, and competition from Altman and Microsoft can give them an unprecedented advantage.

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