Chiters forcibly infect computers of Call of Duty players harmful

Call of Duty Franchise’s Network Safety Issue

The network safety of the old parts of the popular Call of Duty franchise has already become a kind of meme in the game community. The problem is absurd to disgrace: simple cheaters, of which there are many in other online games, thanks to the crooked and seemingly holey network code Call of Duty are able to not only play on the nerves of honest players, but also infect their computers with real viruses. And this is not just a crushing defeat and a spoiled evening.

The players of the original Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, released in the distant 2009, still prefer to enter the game of their childhood in the evenings, ignoring modern games of the series. Just such lovers to stagnate in the multiplayer are waiting for vile cheaters who can spread the virus-

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