Elemind Introduces Innovative Neurotechnology to Fight Insomnia

Elemind, founded five years ago in Cambridge, Massachusetts, unveiled its inaugural product – a neuromodulation device priced at 349 US dollars. This innovative device utilizes electroencephalography sensors (EEG) to monitor brain wave fluctuations and introduces sound bursts through bone conductivity to influence them.

The primary function of this device is to target alpha waves in order to facilitate better sleep. Setting it apart from other similar products on the market, the Elemind device delivers sound directly to passive users, rather than encouraging active changes to their alpha patterns by monitoring brain waves.

According to co-founder and CEO Meredi Perry, in clinical trials, 76% of participants experienced quicker sleep onset, with an average 48% reduction in time to fall asleep among those who noted a difference. These results are comparable to pharmaceutical sleep aids.

“It’s like noise-cancelling headphones for the brain,” describes Perry.

During device testing, it was observed to be comfortable due to a soft forehead pillow connected by an elastic strap. The band includes multiple EEG electrodes, a processor, a three-axis accelerometer, a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, and specialized electronics for capturing electric brain signals, analyzing their phase, and producing pink noise via a bone-conduction speaker. Weighing approximately 60 grams, the device is lightweight.

Different brain states are associated with varying wave frequencies. Alpha waves around 10 Hz signify relaxation with closed eyes, not necessarily indicative of sleep. As sleep approaches, alpha waves transition to theta waves at around 5 Hz, then delta waves of deep sleep at approximately 1 Hz.

Elemind’s Vice President of Science and Research, Ryan Nily, clarifies that the EEG system initiates upon band application. Using straightforward signal processing with bandpass filtering to emphasize 8-12 Hz alpha band activity.

“Our algorithm then assesses the filtered signal to determine wave phase and dictate when to emit bursts of pink noise,” expands Nily.

These auditory stimulations induce “ripples” in the brain waves, endeavoring to synchronize them with a specific wave phase. To encourage sleep, the Elemind band targets reduced alpha wave activity, a point of heightened brain arousal.

Elemind’s future plans involve integrating an algorithm to influence delta waves associated with deep, restorative sleep

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