Eurolinux 9.4 Release Compatible with RHEL

In a recent announcement, the release of the distribution Eurolinux 9.4 has taken place, which was prepared by re-elective texts of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.4 distribution packages and is completely binary compatible with it. The changes in this release are minimal, mainly consisting of rebranding and removing specific bags for Rhel, while the rest of the distribution remains similar to Rhel 9.4. The Eurolinux 9 branch is set to be supported until June 30, 2032. For those interested in downloading the prepared installation images, they are available in sizes of 10 GB (AppStream) and 2 GB. Additionally, the project provides scripts for migration to Eurolinux 9.4 from existing installations based on various platforms such as Rhel 7/8/9, Almalinux 8/9, CentOS 7/8, Oracle Linux 7/8/9, Rocky Linux 8/9, and CentOS 9 Stream.

The Eurolinux assemblies are distributed through both paid subscription and free options, with both options being identical in terms of features and capabilities. The main differences lie in the paid subscription offering additional services such as technical support, access to Errata files, and the ability to utilize extra packages for tasks like load balancing, high availability, and storage creation.

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