4Mlinux 44.0 Distribution Released

4Mlinux, a minimalist user distribution, has released version 44.0. This release is unique as it is not derived from other projects and features a graphic environment based on JWM. The 4Mlinux distribution serves various purposes, including playing multimedia files, solving user problems, recovering systems after failures, and serving as a platform for launching LAMP servers (Linux, Apache, Mariadb, and PHP).

The new version of 4Mlinux includes three live-image options of different sizes and functionalities. The first live-image (x86_64) with a graphic environment has a size of 1.3 GB. The second live-image (x86_64) is specifically designed for server systems and also has a size of 1.3 GB. Finally, there is a cut environment live-image with a compact size of 14 MB.

Notable updates in the new version of 4Mlinux include updated packages such as Linux 6.1.60, Mesa 23.1.4, Libreoffice 7.6.3, Abiword 3.0.5, Gimp 2.1112.55, Firefox 119.0.1, Gnumer, Chrome 119.0.6045.123 .4 .2, Audacious 4.3.1, VLC 3.0.20, SMPlayer 23.6.0, and Wine 8.19. For the server assembly, the updated packages include Apache HTTPD 2.4.58, Mariadb 10.6.16, PHP 5.6.40, PHP 8.1.25, Perl 5.36.0, Python 3.1.4, and Ruby 3.2.2.

Additionally, the new version of 4Mlinux introduces VA-API (Video Acceleration API) support for hardware acceleration of video encoding and decoding. This feature enhances the multimedia experience for users.

The release also includes several additional packages, such as QMMP (a sound player), Media Player Classic QT video player, and the game Capitan Sevilla. These packages provide users with more options for multimedia playback and entertainment.

Furthermore, 4Mlinux has improved its support for wireless networks and printers using SPL (Samsung Printer Language). This enhancement ensures smoother connectivity and compatibility with various devices.

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