Russia to Increase Supercomputer Capacity: Putin’s Order

Vladimir Putin Instructs Government to Increase Computing Power of Supercomputers

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, has directed the government to develop and implement a series of measures aimed at enhancing the computing power of supercomputers within the country, as reported on the Kremlin’s official website.

According to the instructions issued, a definitive plan for boosting the power of existing supercomputers in Russian territory must be finalized by March 1, 2024. Furthermore, the government has been tasked with formulating mechanisms for utilizing the archives of state and municipal organizations, as well as library resources, to create comprehensive datasets. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has been appointed as the person responsible for overseeing the execution of these instructions.

Supercomputers, which are highly potent computational systems capable of concurrently executing tasks rather than serially, unlike regular computers, find application in a multitude of domains. These include drug development, the advancement of novel products and technologies, climate modeling, and even space flight simulation.

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