SyslinuxOS 12.1 Released for System Administrators

Available Distributive Distribution Release syslinuxos 12.1, built on the DEBIAN 12 package base and aimed at providing a loading LIVE CROVENT, optimized for system integrators and administrators. To download prepared assemblies with gnome desktops (4.8 GB) and Mate (4.9 GB). The environment works in a Live mode, but it also supports installation to the disk using the Calamares installer.

The composition includes a selection of pre-installed applications for monitoring and diagnosing the network, tunneling traffic, launching VPN, organization of remote access, detection of invasions, security checks, simulation of networks and traffic analysis, which can be used immediately after loading the distribution from a USB-bootor. Among the drivers to the supply of applications: Wireshark, Etherape, Ettercap, Packeth, Packetsender, Putty, NMAP, GNS3, LSSID, Packet Tracer, Wine, VirtualBox, TeamViewer, Anydesk, Remmina, Zoom, Skype., Packetsender, Sparrow-WiFi, Angry IP Scanner Fast-CLI, SpeedTest-Cli, Ipcalc, Ipeerf3, Munin, Stacer, Zabbix, Suricata, Firetools, Firewalk, Firejails, Cacti, ICinga, Monit, Nagios4, Fail2ban, Wireguba, Open VPN, Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Microsoft Edge and Tor Browser.

In the new issue, the Linux nucleus is updated to version 6.4. The composition includes VMware Player 17. Some systemic icons are replaced. Preparation was carried out for integration with new own repositories. In the GRUB bootloader, the determination of other installed operating systems through the OS-Prober package, which was disconnected in Debian 12.

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