American Cheyenne Supercomputer to Depart for Upgrade

In the USA auction began to sell the Cheyenne supercomputer, which is located in the city of Shayienn, Vayoming. When launching in 2016, this 5.34-Petflopic monster entered the twenty of the most powerful computers in the world, but now he is already catastrophically lagging behind competitors. The initial rate at the auction amounted to $ 2500, and the latter at the time of publication of the material reached $ 27,643.

Cheyenne functioned from January 12, 2017 to December 31, 2023 on the territory of the NCAR-WYOMING Scientific and Computing Center.

Cheyenne supercomputer in all its glory

“During its existence, Cheyenne has developed more than 7 billion hours, served more than 4400 users and received almost 1300 National Science Foundation (NSF) awards – reports UCAR non-profit consortium on the official page dedicated to the supercomputer.

Cheyenne was used for educational purposes, supporting more than 80 university courses and trainings, and also helped thousands of students and graduate students in the initial stage of career.

Studies based on Cheyenne led to the publication of more than 4,500 scientific works, dissertations and other scientific materials. The system is characterized by high energy efficiency and is capable of performing more than 3 billion calculations per second for each watt energy consumed, which makes it three times more efficient than the Yellowstone predecessor.

The configuration includes 4032 two-core units with 18-core processors of Intel Xeon E5-2697V4, making up 145,152 streams together. The nodes have a total amount of RAM over 300 terabytes, and the data storage is crazy 40 petabytes. The entire existing system consumes about 1.7 megavatts of electricity.

For comparison: at the moment, a supercomputer with the highest rating in the world is Frontier, located in the National Laboratory of the Okridge in Tennessee. It has a theoretical peak performance of 1.68 exaflops per second, includes 9248 nodes and consumes 22.7 megavatt of power.

The last years of the operation of the Cheyenne supercomputer have been overshadowed by the cooling system, which is why

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