Live russia updates

IPv6 Gains Popularity in Cloudflare Traffic
Millions of User X Data Used for Targeted Ads
Dutch Authorities Accuse Company of Secret Data Collection
Russian Authorization Funds Transition Postponed Until 2025
Angie 1.4.0 Released, Russian Fork Nginx
Iran Joins Russia in Cyberism Combat
New Rules for Outdoor Advertising in Capital: QR Codes No Longer Required
Darknet’s Tolik of Bitzlato Forces Global Special Services to Act
New Methods to Delay IT Hiring with Diploma or Qualification Test
PPLX Online LLMS: Real-Time Internet Data Models
Google Seeks Compromises in Russia: Capitals’ Joints to Be Replaced
HRC Chief Urges Open Algorithms, Strengthening Google Control
Largest Nuclear Facility Sellafield Conceals Major Cyber Attacks
Telegram, Tiktok Fined for Ignoring Russian Laws
Made in Russia to Receive Preferences in Public Procurement: Ministry of Construction Innovations
Alphv/Blackcat Threatens Disclosure of Secrets of Roblox and Twitch Streamers
Repixture Update 3.11.0 for Minetest Engine Games
Moscow Court Sentences Hacker for Hacking Hemotest Database
Russian Govt Approves Rules for User Identification by Hosting Providers
HPE, NVIDIA to Build AI Platform for Data Centers
Russian Researchers Crack Math of Superconductivity
162 Russian Banks Violate Personal Data Law, Reveals Report
China Unveils RTX 4090 Secret Modification to Bypass Sanctions
Putin: Western Generative Models Cancel Russia
XDSPY Group Attacks Russian Organizations with Nuclear Disguise
AI Makes Four-Day Workweek Without Salary Loss a Reality
New Versions of Mail Client Claws Mail 3.20.0 and 4.2.0
Alt Linux Releases Experimental Assemblies for Loongarch64 Processors and Pinephone Pro
GitHub Releases 2023 Stats, Announces GitHub Awards Winners
Qrator Labs: 42% of Cyber Attacks Target Financial Sector
Indian Politicians Reveal Cyber Attacks on Smartphones
Mincifers Support Cybervo, Oppose IT-Shnaks Delay Abolition
Homoglif Attacks Surge 11x, F.A.C.C.T. Warns
Breakthrough in Wireless Energy, Spies in Freelance, and Cyberosis Protection in Russia
Canada Bans Chinese WeChat and Kaspersky Lab Products on State Devices
Russian Companies to Get Digital Trace Tool for Employee Search from NTI
Kaspersky Lab Digests Human Brain in Neuromorphic Chip
Russian Classes Ban Phones
Physicists Recreate Quasi-Players of Leo Landau
NASA, ESA developing advanced camera for Artemis mission
Red OS M Launches as Domestic Mobile Platform, Built on Android AOSP Code
Russia to Replace 10% of Foreign IT Solutions with Domestic Developments
Ministry Plans Million Tablets for Russian Teachers and Doctors by 2024
Civil Servant Exploits WinRAR Vulnerability for Defense Company Spying
Russian Internet Segment 100% Equipped with TSPU
167 VPN Services and Thousands of Resources Blocked by Roskomnadzor
IceWM Translates Documentation
41 Lawsuit: Millions of Worried Parents