Telegram messenger has emerged as the most popular online service for Russians connecting to unlimited internet, according to data analysts from the Yota operator. In 2024, Telegram saw a significant increase in popularity, moving up from fourth place in the rankings.

WhatsApp, which was the leader in 2023, now holds the second spot on the list, followed by YouTube, VK, and Tiktok. Preferences vary among different age groups, with young users aged 14 to 27 showing a clear preference for Telegram, while adults aged 30 and older tend to choose WhatsApp for communication.

Yota’s data also reveals a decrease in the number of subscribers connecting to unlimited SMS services, with a growing demand for unlimited internet packages. Nearly half of users (48%) choose to connect to more than one option, with the highest percentage in the 14-20 age group at 60%.

Gender differences are apparent in preferences, with male users preferring cartographic services, VPN services, Twitch, IMO messenger, and classmates. Female users, on the other hand, show a preference for children’s training services, marketplaces, and online cinemas.

Interestingly, there is a decline in interest in traditional voice calls, with a 14% decrease in the number of minutes spent on calls. Women, however, spend 27% more minutes on calls compared to men.

Overall, analysts have observed that the male audience tends to use unlimited connections more frequently, with 63% of users being male and 37% female.

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