Live russia updates

Roskomnadzor Uncovers Network Survivability Issues
Dozens of Russian Organizations Suffered in Mass Cyberattack: Hackers Utilize New Backdoor
Ministry of CIFRA’s Project Reveals GOSTECH Secrets
Cybercriminals Trick Philanthropists Amid Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
Ilya Sachkov Jailed: Sude Confirms Verdict for Group-Ib Founder
Society Nears Digital Totalitarianism: Dangers of Leaks
BMPOS Core Released
Special Number for Reporting Drones in Russia
Firefox Supports Machine Translation into Russian and Ukrainian
Pentagon Warns of China’s AI Dominance
Banks vs. Security Forces: Who Wins Privacy Battle?
NASA Spacecraft Lucy Prepares for First Flight of Asteroid
US Confiscates Domains Used by North Korea to Evade Sanctions
China Faces New Challenge with Western Sanctions
American Demands CIA Turn Red for Twitter Account Mistake
Social Network X Loses Control of Children’s Pornography After Purchase by Ilon Mask
TikTok Faces EU Blocking Over Israel Situation
Israel Event Exposes Platform’s Inability to Combat Fake News
Facebook Page Hacked: Hackers Manipulate Public Consciousness
Russia Plans to Build Up to Ten Supercomputers by 2030
Digital Passport: Impact on Citizen’s Daily Life
FSB Proposes Mandatory Geolocation Data Storage for Internet Services
New Financial Malware Targets Russian Users
1032 Bitcoin Proceeds Go to Russian State Budget
Rostec Takes Lead: Leonardo Reservation System Targeted by Foreign DDOS Attacks
NASA Completes Preparations for Historic Flight to Moon
Russian Hackers’ Spouses Arrested on Italian Holiday
NASA Develops Battery Technology to Double or Triple Energy Output
Russia Gears Up for Technological Breakthrough
New Rules’ Impact on Internet: Detailed Analysis
Roskomnadzor Introduces New Technologies for Drones Protection
Muppets Group Reports Hacking of Siren-Travel
Elon Musk Opposes Ecology: Climate Change Denial
Crisis Escalates: Million Unoccupied IT Jobs in Russia
Tragic Primates Death Exposes Neuralink Research’s Dark Side
Angie 1.3.0 releases Russian fork nginx
Alt Workstation Issued to 10.2
Lightcom’s Instructions on Becoming a Russian Monitor
Def-Nomer to Disappear in Russia by 2024
New Version of Xello Depation Released Online
Circratles Banned: Roskomnadzor Redraws Internet Access Map
Russian YouTube: Threats, Blocking, and Prospects
Facebook’s Failure: Platform against Myths
SpaceX Tests Lunar Module Engine in Space Cold
Omsk Region Entrusts IT Infrastructure Protection to Gait
Channels on WhatsApp: Russian Market’s Innovation or Failure?
Kaspersky ICS CERT: Russia Among Top Cyber Threats in Industry
Twitter X Ignores 86% of Complaints About Content