Hamster Kombat: Viral Game Adds Cryptocurrency on Ton

The founder of the popular Telegram messenger, Pavel Durov, recently made an announcement regarding the upcoming launch of a new cryptocurrency by the developers of Hamster Kombat on the Ton blockchain. Durov believes that this move will introduce the benefits of blockchain technology to millions of users around the world.

Within just three months, Hamster Kombat has managed to attract an impressive 239 million subscribers. The app achieved a milestone of 100 million users within 73 days, with a daily increase of 4-5 million users. Durov proudly stated that Hamster Kombat is currently the fastest-growing digital service globally.

Hamster Kombat, a game that simulates the role of a cryptocurrency exchange CEO, stands out with its innovative “Play to Earn” approach. The game offers a unique gaming experience where users can earn virtual coins and points through various gaming and social interactions. The ultimate objective is to accumulate as many points as possible to qualify for future rewards.

Despite its rapid rise in popularity, Hamster Kombat has also attracted scrutiny over security concerns. Authorities from various countries have issued warnings about potential financial risks and the impact on children’s mental well-being. Some critics have even labeled the game as a financial pyramid scheme, leading to fines and arrests in certain countries for those attempting to exchange virtual currency for real money. In Russia, parents have expressed worries about their children’s excessive engagement with the game, which reportedly leads to issues such as sleep disturbances and mental health problems.

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