Generative AI alters labor market, eliminates white collars

One of the creators of the DEEPMIND artificial intelligence laboratory, Mustafa Suleiman, said that progress in the field of AI can lead to the destruction of many professions and the creation of a “serious number of losers” in the next ten years. He performed at the Gic’s Bridge forum in San Francisco on Tuesday.

“Undoubtedly, many tasks in the field of white collars will look completely different for the next five to ten years … There will be a serious number of losers [and they] will be very unhappy, very outraged,” said Suleiman, who left DeepMind in the past a year and founded his own business to create an Inflection AI chatbot.

He added that governments should think about how to support those whose jobs will be destroyed and offered one of the possible solutions – universal basic income: “This requires material compensation … This is a political and economic measure that we must Start to speak seriously. “

Suleiman also noted that the launch of a number of tools such as ChatGPT – which allow you to generate various textual, images or video results from natural language queries – led to an “explosion” of interest in the “generative AI” and caused a wave of agitation in the technological investment community .

Google, which acquired DeepMind in 2014, developed its own language models, such as Lamda and Palm. But the company was taken by surprise by the launch of ChatGPT in November last year. “We had LAMDA a year and a half before Chatgpt. It was irritating, overdocking to see the Chatgpt explosion,” Suleiman said. Google, according to him, is in the rigid struggle for dominance in the new wave of AI instruments, but ChatGPT forced “to dance a little.” The arms race between Microsoft, Google and the near Chatbot creators, including Inflection and Cohere, which attracted $ 250 million when estimating $ 2 billion last week, shifts the borders of AI.

“The past decade was determined by the classification and definition, now we have been looking at interaction … The stiffness of the format will disappear, and everything will seem more dynamic and personalized,” Suleiman said, whose company launched its own Pi Chatbot, reduction from Personalized Intelligence, to Last week.

According to the Goldman Sachs study, the progress in the field of generative AI can increase the annual world gross domestic product by 7 percent in a ten -year period due to increased performance. However, this can cause “significant shocks” in the labor market, since up to 300 million jobs can be subject to automation.

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