Discord Cryptocurrency Admins Lose Accounts in Browser Bookmarks Attack

Cybercriminals have managed to hack the accounts of administrators of Discord servers and steal cryptocurrency from their accounts by using harmful bookmarks in the browser. In a recent wave of attacks, several Discord cryptocurrencies were affected, including Aura Network, Metrixcoin, and Nahmii.

According to Brian Krebs from KrebsonSecurity, hackers usually target Discord communities, in which participants discuss cryptocurrency. However, in this instance, attackers targeted the accounts of the administrators of these groups. Cybercriminals use accounting records and JavaScript to force users to execute the code, which is disguised as a seemingly harmless browser layout.

To execute the attack, attackers use a deceitful strategy, inserting JavaScript into the browser bookmarks using the function of dragging on web pages. Users were tricked into clicking on misleading bookmarks, which led to the attackers gaining control of their accounts.

Discord has advised users to be aware of suspicious browser bookmarks and recommended that they disable the drag-and-drop function in their web browsers. The platform also encourages users to add two-factor authentication to their accounts to minimize the risk of hacking.

The incident confirms the vulnerability of cryptocurrency and the importance of online security. It is essential for businesses and individuals to have robust security measures in place to protect against such attacks.

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