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Hit on Huawei turned out to be a failure for Sweden
Main rules of profitable currency exchange have been
Most noble profession in Russia has been
Bitcoin price for fifth time updated its historical maximum in a couple of days
A way to get out of situation with certification of Nord Stream 2 was
Bitcoin takes fourth record in a day
Size of pension of Santa Claus is revealed
Russian spending on New Year skyrocketed
Norwegian company refused to certify Nord Stream 2
Transit of Russian gas through Ukraine collapsed
United States hit largest mobile operators in China
Gazprom failed to sell gas to China
Europe bought record low gas
Europeans bought a million electric vehicles
Oil and gas production collapsed in Russia
Economist predicted a rise in prices for an important product
Russians will be disclosed size of their future pension
Serbia explains benefits from Turkish Stream
Lawyer named necessary actions when money is found on street
A tax on deposits over a million began to operate in Russia
Funded pension frozen in Russia
Benefits of Turkish Stream for Serbia
Serbia launches continuation of Turkish Stream
Russia: minimum wage and living wage have been increased
Republicans refused to “help poor” and give Americans money
Belarus agreed on oil supplies from Azerbaijan
AMK will assist in investigation of causes of an industrial accident
Economist explained consequences of “unprecedented” US sanctions for Russia
Estimated change in ruble exchange rate at end of 2020
Rise in pasta prices that outraged Putin accelerated
Opening of continuation of “Turkish Stream” postponed to next year
Belarus received money from Russia on New Year’s Eve
Euro exchange rate rose
Multi-million dollar bonus paid to CEO of General Electric sparks scandal
Mir card holders will receive 5 percent cashback at BILLA supermarkets
Russians began to keep savings in less
Most profitable investments of year are
Kremlin denies meeting between Chubais and Putin before dismissal from Rusnano
Honda to leave Russia
Putin signed law on minimum price for tobacco
Putin signed a law on food price regulation
Gazprom was predicted to change leadership
Russians talked about importance of questions about zodiac sign in employment
Russians’ spending on New Year’s table has been calculated
Russian economy will be helped in a new way
Rusal became a member of JCLP climate partnership
Founder of Alibaba to rein in
Most popular vacancies in 2020 in Russia are