Woman object: a question marketing subject

“Pub girls” (3/7). “The naked woman” as a call to sell everything. If the brands can no longer afford to stage too degrading images, especially under pressure from the “revolution #MeToo”, the stereotypes have hard skin.


Without shirt, without pants. And without panties. How to sell beer, furniture, yogurt, tiles, fruit juice, flowers, shoes, sweaters or central heating? Just put a naked woman. For decades, the “naked woman” has promoted almost anything and anything. And that is not new since the first lady undressed appears in an advertisement in 1905, coming out of a pack of … pasta (“firmness and lightness”, said the slogan). It will be necessary to wait until 2001 for the advertisers to sign a Charter of good conduct forbidden to show a naked woman when there is no connection with the product.

From the 1970s, the American sociologist Erving Goffman demonstrated in an article entitled “The ritualization of femininity” (1977) that, naked or not, women are still in posture of submission in advertising. Head down, soft smile, ajar, passive and ingenuous mouth, they must be available, especially sexually. Many women were thus placed at the feet of a man on advertising posters, like a docile and faithful doggie.

“The passive creature is not just an offense made to women, it comes from much further, from our cultural myths. In the paintings of Bellini, at the Renaissance, there is this Florentine ideal where the Women are undressed, are satisfied with love and a position of waiting, “recalls Ronan Chastellier, advertising sociologist. Even dressed, the woman serves as a sexual object. Always eager to seduce, to act. “Typical example: pubs for depilatory creams and razors, pure projection of male desire, explains Mr. Chastellier. It feels like Titian’s painting, Diane and Actéon.” Young girls who are spitted legs apart, Almost ecstatic smile, with a shade of challenge in the gaze.

yesterday as tomorrow, Myriam “removes the bottom”

Starting from the postulate that the woman was now free, we began to undress her in the 1980s, the body becoming a storage and the woman object being the norm. At the end of August 1981, a bit of a bit provocative had a great idea, which went into the history of advertising. It is the best -restored and appreciated advertising of the general public to date. In the streets of Paris, but also in a video spot, the French discover “Myriam” in a swimsuit, which announces: “On September 2, I remove the top.” Promise kept the day, where the young woman assures Then: “On September 4, I remove the bottom.” And the 4th of the month, Myriam therefore removes her panties, but has her back turned. The latter poster is signed: “Future, the display that keeps its promises” (the goal being to prove that the company could change all the posters in Paris in a single night).

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