Lighting, temperature: supermarkets agree to reduce their energy consumption

It is notably planned to extinguish the bright brands “as soon as the store is closed” – against in general an hour after the closure currently.

Le Monde with AFP

E.Leclerc, Carrefour, System U, the Intermarché Mousquetaires, Auchan, Casino, Franprix, Monoprix, Lidl or even Picard … The large distribution sector has agreed on a plan of “energy sobriety” which will be deployed In the fall, according to a press release published Monday July 18.

“Faced with the risk of electrical supply shortages announced by the government for this winter”, the Perifem Federation, which brings together all the actors in the distribution to act on energy or environmental subjects, defined “measures Communes and concrete “to lower the energy consumption of stores, from October 15.

It is planned to extinguish the light brands “as soon as the store is closed” – against in general an hour after closing currently – and “systematize the drop in light intensity”, half reducing the lighting of The sales area before the arrival of the public and 30 % during “consumption critical periods”. Are also planned “other measures”, such as “cutting air renewal at night, the lag of ice production”, for example, and emergency measures providing, in particular, to lower the temperature of the points sale at 17 degrees, in the event of a regulatory authority.

Emmanuel Macron explained on July 14 that the State was preparing an “sobriety plan” energy to cope with the risk of shortage linked to the war in Ukraine, calling for “entering collectively into a logic of sobriety”.

Decrease in consumption of 40 % by 2030 2>

These measures are also economy measures for brands, which are, like the French, faced with the increase in the cost of energy.

While “the electric invoice represented 30 %” of the net profit of the brands “before the recent flight costs”, it is “essential to reduce the energy bill and mobilize together to avoid repercussion too important on prices for consumers “, recognizes the federation, while the ELAN law (evolution of housing, development and digital) also provides for a reduction in the energy consumption of stores of 40 % at the Horizon 2030.

“The time is for energy sobriety, it will deeply change our consumption habits”, said in the Périfem press release its president, Thierry Cotillard, for whom this protocol “must register in duration” .

The Federation also wants to believe that this protocol may serve “as a basis for all the federations of trade and distribution for the generalization of these measures”, which will be presented to them “during a meeting July 26 “.

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