Head of Openai will pay cryptocurrency to each user only because he is person

Sam Altman, Head of the Openai Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory, is preparing to launch The own own own ownership Cryptocurrency project called Worldcoin. The project has already attracted $ 200 million from well -known investors and is estimated at $ 3 billion. But the idea of ​​Altman causes many questions and concerns.

Worldcoin wants to distribute his cryptocurrency to all residents of the planet, but for this, users need to go through a special verification procedure. Users should look at the giant ball that scans their iris of the eye. Since the irons of the eyes are unique, like fingerprints, scanning of the iris allows you to create a unique digital identifier (World ID) on the blockchain and exclude the use of bots or registration of several accounts.

Sphere for scanning the iris of the eye

For each verified user, the ball operator receives a reward in Worldcoin or Fiat currency. The user gets free access to Worldcoin after scanning his eye.

Altman explains his project by the fact that he wants to provide all people with a universal basic income that can compensate for the loss of jobs due to the development of artificial intelligence. Thus, he is trying to solve the problem, which he himself created with his Openai.

However, his plans cause criticism and distrust. Many believe that scanning the iris of the eye violates the privacy and safety of users, and also creates the risk of abuse of data. In addition, the concept of universal basic income in the form of cryptocurrency is questioned, since it does not take into account the differences in talents, skills, interests and knowledge of people.

Worldcoin plans to start in the coming weeks and hopes to attract 1 billion users for two years.

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