Cryptocurrency Hacking Surges Amid Growth

New research from Portal Privacyaffairs has revealed that personal information on the Darkweb is worth an average of $1010. A user’s logins and passwords for online banking, credit card data and accounting data of social networks are in high demand.

The sale of hacking cryptocurrency accounts is a growing trend that is causing serious concerns for security experts. The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has become a popular target for hackers, with verified accounts being sold for $610 on the Darkweb. Meanwhile, hacked accounts from Kraken exchange users are being sold for just $810.

This lucrative business has become increasingly profitable for cybercriminals in recent years, as more and more people invest in digital assets. Hackers are motivated to steal cryptocurrencies as their value continues to grow, and their anonymity makes it difficult to track and recover stolen assets, leaving victims with minimal legal protection.

Privacyaffairs stresses the importance of public awareness and efforts to mitigate the threat of personal data theft and account hacking. Users are advised to be vigilant in protecting their personal information online, use reliable and unique passwords for each account, and make use of two-factor authentication for added protection.

For cryptocurrency users, additional precautions are necessary, including storing cryptocurrency in cold wallets and avoiding sharing secret keys or Seed-fractions with third parties.

It is more important than ever to take steps to protect personal data and assets in the face of an increasing threat from cybercriminals.

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