World News | Page 68

Trump claims unprecedented constitutional violations in presidential elections
Syrian Foreign Minister dies
Doctor spoke about general features of spread of coronavirus and Spanish flu
Tourist who fell in mountains was brought back to life 45 minutes after death
First region in Russia introduced a lockdown
Refugees in Syria talk about conditions in terrorist-controlled camps
Nutritionist explained reasons for sugar cravings
Sandu announced her victory in presidential elections in Moldova
More than 1,000 people detained at rallies in Belarus
Trump claims “gruesome election irregularities” and threatens major lawsuits
Maduro is going to visit Moscow
Relations between Moldova and Russia are predicted in case of victory of oppositionist
Belarus: date of start of vaccination was named with Russian remedy for coronavirus
United States named reason for Turkey’s purchase of Russian S-400
Doctor warns of risk of death due to antibiotics in coronavirus
Dodon announced major changes within Moldova
CEC of Moldova presented first results of presidential elections
Grandmother of Khachaturian sisters died
Russia assessed holding of presidential elections in Moldova
Head of Ministry of Transport infected with coronavirus
Scientists have discovered a natural product that kills coronavirus
Trump was caught ignoring fight against coronavirus
Turnout in presidential elections in Moldova exceeded 48 percent
Peru’s new president resigns amid protests
Influential Democrat named start date for transfer of power to Biden
Carrier found for first foreign coronavirus vaccine
Second massacre in four days in Ethiopia
Fire in a historic 14-story building in Moscow caught on video
Polling station in presidential elections in Moldova was closed due to call about bomb
Ukrainian minister contracted coronavirus and decided to become a blogger
World was predicted by popular unrest due to coronavirus
Russian woman with severe lung damage was hospitalized after complaints in social networks
Russians talked about negative consequences of self-medication for coronavirus
United States explained Putin’s unwillingness to congratulate Biden on his victory
Police and opposition clash at elections in Moldova
Demand for medicines has grown 15 times in Russia
Zoologist named main fears of cats
Name of first foreign vaccine against coronavirus became known
Pushkov responded to Poland’s accusations of damaged reputation against Russia
State Duma responded to Poland’s information attack allegation
Senator responded to Poland’s statement about Russia’s attempts to spoil its reputation
Security forces used tear gas against protesters in Minsk
Detentions of opposition rally participants began in Minsk
Special equipment and security forces began to be brought to Minsk
Asian countries create world’s largest trade union
Smoking vapes turns out to be dangerous during coronavirus pandemic
Federation Council responded to Poland’s accusations of spoiled reputation against Russia
22.5 thousand new cases of coronavirus infection detected in Russia