Detentions of opposition rally participants began in Minsk

Law enforcement officers detained about ten participants in an unauthorized opposition rally in the north-west of Minsk. Interfax reports.

The protesters began to gather near the so-called “people’s memorial” to the first who died during the protests, Alexander Taraikovsky, near the Pushkinskaya metro station. Police trucks with security forces and buses with riot police officers arrived at the scene. The arrivals tried to push people away from the memorial. After a while, the arrests began.

Earlier it was reported that the security forces in preparation for the Sunday opposition protests began to pull special equipment and additional forces from the surrounding areas to the Belarusian capital. It was noted that the Belarusian opposition announced its plans to hold an unauthorized rally on Sunday, November 15.

Throughout Belarus, mass protests have been taking place for three months over the official results of the presidential elections on August 9, according to which President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko won 80 percent of the vote. The Belarusian leader himself has repeatedly stated that the West is behind what is happening.