Refugees in Syria talk about conditions in terrorist-controlled camps

In the temporary accommodation camps in the province of Homs, which are controlled by the Syrian terrorists, people were kept in the position of powerless slaves and were not given adequate nutrition. Refugees who previously lived in such camps told the journalists about this. Their words are reported by RIA Novosti.

“They could take women away from us, they could kill a man, that was all. We even forgot what fresh vegetables are, we lived on bread and water. We did not have the opportunity to wash our children,” Herat Nassr Hamrush revealed the details. She currently lives in a temporary accommodation facility in Al Jameya.

The item in Al-Jamey received mainly women with many children, in whose families there are five to seven minors. They were given the opportunity to undergo a medical examination and, if necessary, receive medicines, and the children were given quotas for education in local schools.

Earlier, Russia allocated a billion dollars to Syria to rebuild infrastructure, industry and religious sites. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.