Nutritionist explained reasons for sugar cravings

Cravings for sweets can be attributed to various reasons. For example, sometimes a person lacks some substances, and he tries to compensate for them with certain products. Russian nutritionist Elena Solomatina spoke about this in an interview with radio Sputnik.

However, in this case, there is an alternative to sweet. “It may be a lack of chromium, magnesium, B vitamins. Chromium can be obtained in the form of supplements, it is found in meat, seafood. Magnesium is in buckwheat, in green vegetables, in seeds. B vitamins are meat, complex carbohydrates, whole grain bread, cereals “, – explained the expert.

In addition, stress, lack of positive emotions and energy, lack of sleep, or latent infection can be the cause of a passion for sweets.

At the same time, Solomatina emphasized that when sugar is excluded from the diet, the eaten piece of cake should not be considered a breakdown. According to her, you can eat your favorite treat, and then return to the diet, but the main thing is not to get hung up. “Sometimes breakdowns are more useful than rigid restrictions. If a person is uncomfortable, he will still break down,” she concluded.

Earlier, nutritionist Alexei Kovalkov revealed a method that will help get rid of cravings for sweets before bedtime. According to him, at 5-6 pm you should eat a dish that will raise your blood sugar.