Zoologist named main fears of cats

Cats have several major fears, and humans can help them deal with them. They were named by the president of the Moscow Club of Cat Lovers (WCF) Lyudmila Makarova in a conversation with “Moscow Says”.

According to her, domestic cats are psychologically more vulnerable than street cats. At the same time, the fearfulness of a cat primarily depends on the conditions of its life. For example, if an animal has always lived in a calm atmosphere, in love and agreement with its owners, then it may be “amusingly” afraid of the appearance of a vacuum cleaner in the room. This is due to genetic background and fear of the incomprehensible. “If an ordinary vacuum cleaner, which has a hose, she may be afraid of this hose, as in antiquity. This is a genetic fear of snakes. Moving in a closed container can also be fear. It’s all conquerable,” said the zoologist, noting that after defeating such fear, the cat may even start vacuuming.

The fear of rain can also be overcome by showing your pet that he will be safe with the person. For example, if it began while walking with a cat down the street, then it can be covered under a jacket. “The rain caught us, the cat rushed under the bush and began to call us to go to hide under the bush with her. We need to convince her that she will be fine under the jacket too,” Makarova explained.

Earlier, the head of the Russian Cynological Federation, Vladimir Golubev, listed the main fears of dogs. Among them were loud sounds, darkness, car rides, going to the veterinary clinic, loneliness.