Pushkov responded to Poland’s accusations of damaged reputation against Russia

Senator Alexei Pushkov responded to the accusations of the Polish side against Russia about the damaged reputation. According to Pushkov, the deterioration of the country’s image is of no interest. He wrote about this on his Twitter.

The senator said that the image of Poland in the world is not connected with the efforts of Russia – the fact is that its domestic policy simply does not fit into the requirements and values ​​of the European Union. “Warsaw should not blame Moscow, but look in the mirror. And there they will see the culprit,” Pushkov stressed.

Earlier, the press secretary of the minister-coordinator of the Polish special services Stanislav Zharin accused Russia of creating a bad reputation for the country. According to him, they are trying to make Poland problematic in the eyes of the European Union. “The biggest threat to Poland is the activity of the Russian Federation, which is based on lies, manipulation of the image of Poland, NATO, and the West,” Zharin said.