State Duma responded to Poland’s information attack allegation

In recent years, the Polish authorities have constantly been making anti-Russian statements, often without backing them up with serious facts and evidence. This is how State Duma deputy Ruslan Balbek, in a conversation with RT, responded to Poland’s accusations of Russia’s informatics against Warsaw.

“They use either someone’s speculation or assumptions as evidence, but it doesn’t even smell like facts. But regular insults to our country and our people are put on stream,” the deputy said, calling what was happening Russophobia and “planned state policy.”

The parliamentarian noted that every year Polish politicians frighten citizens with a “Russian invasion”, which ultimately does not happen. Balbeck concluded that in this way the Polish authorities “openly incite” the inhabitants of Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries against Russia.

Earlier, the press secretary of the minister-coordinator of the Polish special services Stanislav Zharin reproached Moscow for creating a bad reputation for the republic. According to him, Russia, China and Germany have always tried to discredit Warsaw in the eyes of the West and are now conducting coordinated information attacks on Poland. Zharin noted that the greatest contribution to this process was made by the Russian side, which is allegedly trying to present the country as a problematic country for the European Union. He also accused Russia of intelligence activities, “provocations, diplomatic attacks, hacker attacks,” but did not provide evidence.