Dodon announced major changes within Moldova

President of Moldova Igor Dodon announced major changes within the country at a briefing after the end of the second round of presidential elections held on November 15. His words are reported by TASS.

According to Dodon, he will announce the planned changes in the next two to three days. “Tomorrow morning there will be a meeting with the Prime Minister, Speaker of Parliament, where we will discuss the situation, see the draft budget for next year and come out with proposals,” he explained.

Earlier, Dodon announced his leadership in the presidential elections in the country, excluding the results of Transnistria and foreign missions. At the same time, according to preliminary data from the CEC, the leader of the Action and Solidarity Party, Maia Sandu, is in the lead.

The first round of the presidential elections in Moldova took place on November 1. As a result, Dodon received 32 percent of the vote, Sandu – 36 percent. Voter turnout reached 42.7 percent (1.2 million people).