Smoking vapes turns out to be dangerous during coronavirus pandemic

Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine have found that systematic vape smoking can be dangerous during a pandemic. Thus, people with a similar habit have five to seven times higher risks of contracting coronavirus compared to non-smokers, according to The National Interest.

Scientists used data on the US population collected during the pandemic in a survey, which was attended by 4.3 thousand people aged 13-24 years. Every second respondent reported that he smokes. After analyzing the information, researchers came to the conclusion that vaping enthusiasts not only have an increased risk of contracting the infection, but are also five times more likely to have more severe COVID-19 symptoms.

In the end, they found evidence that people who do vaping are five to seven times more likely to catch the virus than those who do not smoke e-cigarettes. Dr. Bonnie Halpern-Felscher, one of the authors of the work, professor of pediatrics at Stanford University, warned young people that they could be at “immediate risk of contracting” coronavirus due to damage to their lungs.

The publication clarifies that the increased risk of infection is due to several reasons. On the one hand, e-cigarettes alter the immune system and are bad for the lungs. On the other hand, exhaled aerosol particles can carry COVID-19 and infect others.

Earlier, scientists at the University of California, San Diego found out that smoking cigarettes and vapes can lead to serious complications in patients with COVID-19 and even death.