World News | Page 66

Richest man in world spent millions of dollars to protect nature
Belarus to expand sanctions lists against European Union and Canada
Mushroom demanded to stop “bacchanalia”
NATO head warned US about “high cost” of troop withdrawal from Afghanistan
Boris Johnson called transfer of powers to Scottish government a disaster
Source of life on Earth was found in space
Jude Law’s daughter showed her face without makeup
Samsung’s upcoming smartphones revealed
Unexpected danger of antibiotics in coronavirus
American Boy Scouts caught in tens of thousands of sex crimes
First man in a dress on cover of Vogue pissed off readers
Revelation about rigging of elections in favor of Biden by mafia
Former special forces soldier explained aggression of Belarusian security forces with a small salary
PlayStation 5’s new problems announced
Michelle Obama explained communication with Melania Trump “for sake of country”
Ukraine: protesters tried to block entrance to Verkhovna Rada
Anomalous phenomenon was explained by mysterious particles of dark matter
German government official accused of spying for Egypt
Doctor mistook patient’s deadly disease for dog allergy
Peru elected third president in a week
An expert reveals a method for detecting a hacked Android smartphone
Chef Reveals Secret To Perfectly Crispy Fries
Denmark culls chickens over bird flu outbreak
Death of game consoles is predicted
Trump wanted to designate Houthis as terrorists
Beauty of 18-year-old son of a popular actress in photo without clothes surprised fans
Chinese love of luxury seen to save Europe
Huawei announced sale of Honor smartphone brand
Revelation: Trump sought to strike on Iran nuclear facility
Dangerous consequences of COVID-19 for young people named
54-year-old Salma Hayek shared a photo in a swimsuit and excited fans
Estimated Cost of Recounts in Key US State
Biden calls on Trump to engage on COVID-19
An innocent man served 15 years in prison for someone else’s crime
US safety agency expands probe after massive complaints by Tesla owners
Pregnant Emily Ratajkowski and her husband were scolded online for their appearance
Dollar was predicted to collapse due to vaccination against coronavirus
Unexpected traces of coronavirus found six months before pandemic
Former Prosecutor General of Ukraine expressed concerns about possible revenge of Biden
UN worries about exacerbation of hunger on planet due to coronavirus
WHO has announced expected date for start of supply of vaccine against coronavirus
Actress shared a photo with needles in her chin and alarmed fans
Fifth wife of a 48-year-old Filipino is a 13-year-old girl
Declassified documents about lunar race of USSR and USA
Kate Middleton changed her image
Dozens test positive for Covid-19 at WHO headquarters
Patient COVID-19 was forced to give birth without medical assistance
Administration building was mined in Kiev