Dollar was predicted to collapse due to vaccination against coronavirus

Citigroup analysts predicted a 20 percent drop in the dollar in 2021 due to massive coronavirus vaccinations as it will revive global trade and the economy. Writes about this Bloomberg .

Another factor that can affect the rate of the American currency, experts call the soft policy the Federal Reserve System a> (FRS) USA. Low rates will force investors to move from US assets to international assets.

Bloomberg notes a decline in the dollar index against major world currencies compared to March peaks. Thus, the US currency has already lost 11 percent against the euro, pound, Swiss franc, Chinese yuan and other world currencies. At the same time, the Japanese yen and treasury bonds also lost in value.

According to analysts at Citigroup, today the dollar may repeat the path that it traveled from the beginning to the mid-2000s. So, in 2001, with the entry of China into the World Trade Organization , the dollar rate fell for several years, which spurred the tide of globalization and increased the volume of world trade, leaving the closed US economy behind.

Earlier, Goldman Sachs analysts recognized the ruble as the best currency in terms of profitability in 2021 … At the same time, according to their forecasts, the dollar will continue to fall. Experts noted that the dollar will fall by six percent next year. The bank recommends long positions in the Mexican peso, South African rand and Indian rupee against the dollar.