Ukraine: protesters tried to block entrance to Verkhovna Rada

In Ukraine, protesting entrepreneurs tried to block the entrance to the building Verkhovna Rada . “” informs about it.

A rally of entrepreneurs is taking place outside the parliament building against quarantine restrictions for small businesses and for the adoption of bills aimed at protecting the simplified taxation and accounting system.

The protesters blocked several approaches to the parliament building and allowed only those deputies who agreed to support their demands through. The police organized a passage for parliamentarians, which led to brawls between law enforcement officers and protesters.

On November 17, the only meeting of the Verkhovna Rada in a week is to be held. On other days, the parliament will be closed due to the spread of coronavirus infection.

On November 11, Ukraine introduced weekend quarantine. From 00:00 Saturday to 00:00 Monday, only critical infrastructure objects can work: grocery stores, pharmacies, transport. Many business representatives and service workers protested demanding that the quarantine be lifted, which deprives them of their earnings.