Former Prosecutor General of Ukraine expressed concerns about possible revenge of Biden

Former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin expressed concerns about possible revenge of the US presidential candidate from Democratic Party Joe Biden in case of his victory at the elections. It is reported by “Hour.News”.

According to Shokin, the politician will take revenge because of the investigation into the activities of his son Hunter Biden in Ukraine as part of the management of Burisma. “Everything that I did as attorney general was fair and reasonable. However, I will not hide, I have concerns about Biden,” he said.

Shokin also recalled the mercury poisoning in September 2019 in Greece. He noted that he suspects Joe Biden of involvement in the incident. “Watching him and his speeches in the media, I am still afraid of him,” the former prosecutor general of Ukraine added.

Supporters of the current American leader Donald Trump accuse Joe Biden of corruption. In their opinion, the politician, being the vice-president of Barack Obama administration , patronized his son Hunter’s business in Ukraine. Until 2019, Hunter was on the board of directors of the oil and gas company Burisma Holdings.

Viktor Shokin was dismissed from his post as the Prosecutor General of Ukraine in April 2016 after Joe Biden’s negotiations with the then President of the country Petro Poroshenko . Shokin believes that this happened at Biden’s personal request due to the “Burisma case”. The former US ambassador to Ukraine personally hinted to him about the need to stop the investigation Geoffrey Pyatt .