UK to ban fossil fuel car sales

The UK plans to ban the sale in the country of new cars on petrol and diesel in 2030, writes about The Guardian. At the beginning of 2020 the government was going to introduce such a ban since 2035, and two years ago – with 2040 p>.

According to the newspaper sources, Prime Minister Boris Johnson officially announce about this in the near future. The UK government hopes that this will revive the market of electric vehicles, and will help the country achieve its climate goals, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. P>

Despite the growing popularity (demand has more than doubled in the last year), the share of electric cars still accounts for only seven percent of all new vehicles purchased in the UK in October. The following year, the government should allocate about 500 million pounds for charging stations for electric cars, the magazine writes. P>

Earlier it was reported that California authorities plan to ban the sale in 2035 new cars and trucks with gasoline engines. On staff accounts for about 11 percent of all US auto sales.