Macron sees UN Security Council as useless

The President of France Emmanuel Macron criticized UN Security Council , as the body no longer comes up with useful decisions, according to le Grand Continent.

“The framework of multilateral cooperation is weakened today, because it is blocked (…). I have to admit that the Security Council today does not offer useful solutions,” the French leader admitted.

Macron also recalled that one of his tasks is to strengthen the political power of Europe. He believes that Europe needs more independence, including on the issue of defense capabilities.

Earlier it was reported that South Africa wants to demand that Africa be granted a permanent member of the Council UN Security. In the opinion of Africans, a continent with a population of more than a billion people should have a permanent representation in the UN Security Council. This is necessary, among other things, to solve global health problems, to prevent wars or natural disasters.

The Security Council is a permanent structure UN , responsible for maintaining international peace and security … It always has five permanent member countries (Russia, Great Britain, China, USA, France), as well as ten temporary ones.