Virologist evaluates effectiveness of suppressing COVID-19 natural products

Green tea, chokeberry juice and pomegranate juice cannot be considered effective against COVID-19. This assessment in a conversation with Zvezda TV channel was given by a virologist Alexey Agranovsky .

According to him, such “folk” herbal remedies are not effective medicine. “These funds, as they say, are in favor of the poor. Nothing works against the virus in the body, there are no such funds. All simple drugs only inspire false hopes,” the scientist said.

He noted that natural products increase immunity, are rich in vitamins and nutrients, but no juice is able to kill the virus.

Earlier, employees of the German Institute of Molecular Virology at the University of Ulm Medical Center found out that chokeberry juice can suppress the activity of coronavirus in the body and destroy up to 79 percent of the pathogen. Other natural juices and green tea can also reduce disease through acidic conditions and plant polyphenols, according to the researchers.