Man was ill with COVID-19 and was forced to learn to walk again

Infected with COVID-19 in March 2020, a taxi driver from the UK returned home after seven months in the hospital. According to the Daily Mail, he was forced to re-learn to walk.

Ali Sakallioglu, 56, with type 1 diabetes, began experiencing the first symptoms of the novel coronavirus infection in late March. He called an ambulance and was advised to self-isolate at home. The taxi driver did so, but his condition continued to deteriorate, and in early April he was hospitalized.

In the hospital, the Briton was placed on a ventilator. Sakallioglu’s condition was critical: he suffered a heart attack, stroke and collapse of the lungs, as well as multiple organ failure and sepsis. The patient was transferred to another hospital, where he underwent heart surgery and placed in an artificial coma for three months.

When the Briton came to his senses, he was transferred to a nursing home, where he learned to walk again. Only on November 11, after 222 days in medical institutions, he returned home. Sakallioglu hopes to be able to fully recover and return to his taxi driver’s job.

Earlier it was reported that a patient recovered from COVID-19 lost the phalanges of eight fingers on his hands due to illness. They had to be amputated due to impaired blood flow: the patient spent a long time in intensive care, he developed sepsis, multiple organ failure and staphylococcal infection.