Apple acknowledged iPhone 12 issue

Representatives of Apple said that smartphones of the current series may disrupt the operation of hearing aids. This is reported by MacRumors with reference to the company’s materials.

A new document has appeared in the technical support section of the Apple website, which describes problems with hearing aids. The company’s specialists noticed that in some cases, users of the iPhone 12 series devices and accessories for the hearing impaired may notice some audio artifacts. In particular, a headset paired with a smartphone may produce extraneous sound, such as crackling or sharp and loud noise.

Apple engineers said that the company recognizes the problems with the hearing aids and promises to fix the bugs in a future update. While waiting for the update, experts advised to update smartphones to the current version of iOS 14.2. Reporters noted that they were unaware of similar incidents involving older iPhones. According to the newspaper, the next version of the operating system for the iPhone – iOS 14.3 – is available now for developers p>.

Previously, the authors of IT-publications criticized the smallest actual smartphone Apple. The journalists noticed that the iPhone 12 mini has good characteristics and modest dimensions, thanks to which the device is comfortable to hold in one hand. At the same time, the device does not differ in outstanding autonomy. “Without any effort, I used to discharge my iPhone 12 mini by early evening,” said Dieter Bohn, a journalist at The Verge.