Doctors gave recommendations on lung recovery after COVID-19

Various techniques will help speed up lung recovery from COVID-19. Several recommendations in conversation with ” Arguments and Facts ” were given by an allergist-immunologist Evgenia Parshina.

According to her, breathing exercises and special exercise equipment give a good effect. Gymnastics can be performed independently in a lying and sitting position or in a medical center under the supervision of a specialist. Exercise should be done several times a day. One of the options is gymnastics by Alexandra Strelnikova. For the treatment of respiratory failure and the reduction of viral load, inhalations with thermal heliox in a clinic are effective.

Honored Doctor of Russia, pulmonologist Alexander Karabinenko noted that it takes time to recover from an illness. “Changes in the stage of resorption of the inflammation focus for a long period remain at the stage of pulmonary fibrosis. It does not go away so quickly – there may be a reverse development from six months to two years,” the doctor explained.

As long as the lungs are damaged and cannot cope with the load to the full, it will be difficult for a person to perform physical work, he will feel increased fatigue.

Virologist Alexey Agranovsky earlier dispelled the myth about the degree of infectiousness of survivors of coronavirus infection. In his opinion, those who have been ill are one of the most dangerous sources of infection, they remain carriers of the virus even after recovery.