Trump twits about his election victory again

The US President Donald Trump wrote again in Twitter about his victory in the presidential elections, which took place on November 3.

“I WIN THE ELECTION!” – he continues to assert. At the same time, Twitter again added a note to this post at the bottom of the other opinion of “official sources”.

Previously it was reported that Trump’s headquarters waived most of the claims in the lawsuit, which was aimed at challenging the results of the presidential election in the state of Pennsylvania, the lawsuit was filed in a new wording. The Trump team said Republicans were at a disadvantage due to the counting rules in some constituencies. In particular, it was allowed to correct errors in the bulletins that were sent by mail. At the same time, Trump’s headquarters rejected claims that election officials violated his constitutional rights, as they allegedly limited the ability of his observers to monitor the counting of votes.

November 7, Democratic Party of the United States Joe Biden got 290 with the required 270 electoral votes. Having secured his victory, he declared himself the President-elect of the United States. Trump, in turn, said that the elections are not officially over yet, and the results will be appealed in court. He believes that Biden hastened to call himself the new leader of the country, since the elections are not over yet.