Revelation Trump’s desire to finally teach China a lesson for everything

The US President Donald Trump wants to finally adopt a new package of sanctions against China, thus teaching a lesson in several episodes at once. This became known to Axios from officials of the administration of the current head of state.

It is noted that Trump plans to impose sanctions or restrict trade with Chinese government agencies, officials and companies for human rights violations in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR) and Hong Kong, as well as because of the threats posed to the US national security. At the same time, the Americans are not planning new steps on the Taiwan problem or closing consulates again.

It is noted that such a legacy of Trump will also complicate the forging of ties between the most likely next US President Joe Biden with the Chinese. National Security Council spokesman John Elliott expressed the opinion that all actions aimed at any easing of the course would be suicidal.

Earlier it was reported that there are more than 380 objects in the XUAR of China, where supposedly, the repressed representatives of the Muslim peoples are being held. The facilities included the so-called “re-education camps”, detention centers and prisons that have been operating since 2017. Prior to that, it became known that the Trump administration is considering the possibility of calling repression against Uighur Muslims in China, the word “genocide”.

Hong Kong’s National Security Law was passed by the Chinese parliament on June 30. It empowers the Chinese authorities to suppress actions that they perceive as a threat to national security, in particular to prevent protests and hold their leaders accountable.