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Ukraine explained transformation of Zelensky into Poroshenko
Constitutional Court of Ukraine found it impossible to remove its chairman
Ukrainians appreciate similarity of foreign leaders to Grinch – stolen of Christmas
Place of celebration of New Year of Zelensky family has been
Ukraine named a possible date for negotiations in “Normandy format”
Ukraine: called timing of return to normal life after pandemic
SBU disclosed foreign citizenship to almost 300 officials in a year
Ukrainian Foreign Minister assessed influence of West on Belarusian protests
Head of Constitutional Court of Ukraine was suspected of bribing a witness
Dodon said West is trying to “light another fuse” around Russia
Head of Verkhovna Rada commented on rumors of a conflict with Zelensky
Ukraine begins rewriting textbooks for gender equality
US Army received “killer” of Russian “Armata”
Ukraine predicted loss of six regions
State Duma compared degree of hostility between Zelensky and Poroshenko
Peskov called Zelensky’s “huge mistake” who offended Putin
Ukrainian set a trap from thieves and caught his own daughter in it
Kiev responded to Lukashenka’s statement on transportation of weapons from Ukraine
Zelensky promised to reformat Constitutional Court
Zelensky named cause of corruption in Ukraine
Pope Francis calls for responding to current crises with “brotherhood”
Kiev: an explosion thundered near a restaurant
Kiev promised to disrupt project on desalination of water in Crimea
Zelensky’s wife answered a question about his second term
Parliament called Zelensky possible last president of Ukraine
93 APU tanks disappeared in Donbass
Ukraine allowed resumption of flights with EU
Deadline for vaccination of 23 million Ukrainians against coronavirus
Klitschko took a selfie at funeral of Kernes
Reason for coronavirus infection of late mayor of Kharkiv
More than half of Ukrainians supported early dissolution of parliament
Ukrainian authorities ignored funeral of mayor of Kharkiv
Tikhanovskaya and Kolesnikova were prosecuted for creation of an extremist group
Almost a third of Ukrainians called Zelensky loser of year
Deputy head of Zelensky’s office to transfer powers due to corruption scandal
Ukrainian ministers will hold an online battle to cook borscht
Netizens were outraged by recommendations of Ministry of Health of Ukraine to abandon lard
Cap discovered tens of kilograms of cocaine in Odessa bananas
Deputy head of Zelensky’s office suspected of corruption
Ukrainian Air Force Chief indicted in An-26 crash case
Mourning days for Kernes were reduced in Kharkov
Former Minister of Ukraine advised citizens to “decommunize” first aid kit
Ukraine predicted collapse of hopes for another loan from IMF
Ukrainians have listed main achievements of country in 2020
Day mourning was announced in Kharkov due to death of Kernes
Ukrainian regions with most severe coronavirus situation
Georgia Receives $ 114 Million From IMF Due To COVID-19
Couscous dish included in list of cultural heritage of UNESCO