SBU disclosed foreign citizenship to almost 300 officials in a year

Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) for 2020 disclosed the presence of foreign citizenship in almost from 300 officials and officials. Information about this appeared on the official website department.

According to Ukrainian law, a citizen of Ukraine cannot have citizenship or citizenship of another state. If this rule is violated, a civil servant may be deprived of his post. It is noted that the country’s special services in 2020 also initiated 288 criminal cases for crimes against the foundations of national security, 76 of them concern treason, and 50 – terrorist activities.

In addition, the SBU claims that over the past year it managed to uncover four agent networks and detain 11 “agents of the Russian special services”, three of whom “prepared terrorist attacks” on infrastructure facilities. The agency also initiated the early termination of the accreditation of five foreign diplomats for “violation of international law”.

Earlier the SBU accused the commander of the warship of spying on Russia. According to the agency, the captain left for Crimea without the permission of the command, received Russian citizenship and began to cooperate with the special services of the Russian Federation. A criminal case was opened against him.

Relations between Moscow and Kiev deteriorated in 2014 after the change of the central government in the republic, as a result of which the president Viktor Yanukovych was forced to leave the country. After Crimea became part of the Russian Federation and the outbreak of war in Donbass, Kiev has repeatedly accused Moscow of preparing terrorist acts and espionage. Russia has repeatedly denied these charges.