Ukraine: called timing of return to normal life after pandemic

The Chief Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko named the time frame for returning to normal life after pandemic coronavirus. This was reported on Monday, December 28, by UNIAN .

According to Lyashko, “there is a feeling” that the return to the usual rhythm of life will begin in April 2021. “We will not completely get rid of the anti-epidemic restrictions and such strict quarantines that we are celebrating today,” he added.

In mid-November, the Ukrainian Ministry of Health stated that in the first half of 2021 about 4 million citizens will receive a free coronavirus vaccine. And about. The Director General of the Center for Public Health said that the country can receive the first batch of vaccines in mid or late January 2021.

Ukraine is negotiating the supply of vaccines with European countries and China . Kiev refused the Russian drug.