Reason for coronavirus infection of late mayor of Kharkiv

Friend of the late Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes businessman Pavel Fuks spoke in an interview with about the reasons why a politician could become infected with coronavirus.

According to him, the politician could get sick with COVID-19 because of his housekeeper, who came to work with a cold and “was constantly coughing.” At the same time, Kernes himself neglected the rules of individual protection and “went out into the street absolutely without a mask.”

The businessman also called the mayor a “rather careless” person and explained that it was important for the mayor to show his “fearlessness” in the face of the pandemic. “He fought for the metro, business, and the city not to stop,” Fuchs said.

Kernes died at the age of 62 in the Berlin clinic “Charite”, where he underwent treatment after complications from the coronavirus. The city was a three-day mourning was announced. The mayor has not appeared in public since late August. He was diagnosed with coronavirus and bilateral pneumonia. At the same time, Kernes was re-elected mayor of Kharkov for the third time in the local elections held in Ukraine on October 25.