Dodon said West is trying to “light another fuse” around Russia

Former President of Moldova Igor Dodon in an interview TASS announced an attempt by foreign states to” light another fuse “around Russia.

According to Dodon, the West helped his rival Maya Sandu win the presidential election and now “will present her with a political bill.” “Most likely, the position of the West, mainly the United States, will be to provoke another conflict in order to drag out Russia,” he said.

Dodon recalled calls Sandu to withdraw Russian peacekeepers from Transnistria. In early January, she will leave for a visit to Ukraine. “If there is a unified position on how to block Transnistria, I think this is the political bill that the new president will have to pay,” he added.

The ex-president said that Sandu does not have her own government and parliamentary majority, so she will not be able to “destabilize”.

“I clearly understand and realize that this will be very bad for Moldova, this is an attempt to light another fuse around Russia. And this will just be the leading role of the new President of Moldova,” Dodon added.

The second round of the presidential elections was held in Moldova on November 15. Sandu won 57.75 percent of the vote, Dodon 42.25 percent.