Ukrainian Air Force Chief indicted in An-26 crash case

The State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine (SBI) has charged the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force (Air Force) of the country with negligence Sergei Drozdov in the criminal case on the crash of the An-26 military aircraft in the Kharkiv region, reports TASS .

A similar charge was brought against the commander of the military unit, and its head of flights was also charged with violation of the rules for managing departures. According to the RRT, in this unit, there was a systematic neglect of the regulations for the operation of aircraft and preparation for flights.

The investigation also believes that the catastrophe aboard the An-26 occurred due to violations, both at the stage of preparation for departure and during control of the ship in the air. “The degree of guilt and responsibility of each military man who was involved in the operation of the An-26 aircraft will still be checked,” the RRT said.

Earlier it became known that the pilot who died in a plane crash repeatedly noticed vessel technical malfunctions. On the day of the tragedy, he called his mother and said that the An-26 had several engine failures in preparation for flight.

September 25 in the Kharkiv region crashed An-26 military transport aircraft … This happened during a training flight at a distance of two kilometers from the airport. The plane was carrying military pilots and cadets of the Kharkiv National University of the Air Force named after Ivan Kozhedub. There were 27 people on board, 26 of them died.